January 30, 2011

Batch Cooking - Menu Plan

I mentioned in my last batch cooking post that I thought I could take a few weeks off cooking since we're going to be out of town for a weekend.  Well, I put pen-to-paper and came up with a plan, and it will work!  Here's the plan:

January 31 - Citrus Chicken
February 1 - Neighbor Dinner at a friends house
February 2 - Pasta with Pea Pesto
February 3 - Dinner out with friends
February 4 - 6 We're out of town!
February 7 - Casserole swap, my neighbor's turn to cook
February 8 - Neighbor dinner at our house (mini meatloaf)
February 9 - Left overs
February 10 - Steak Chimichuri
February 11 - Breakfast for dinner (we have swim lessons that evening, gotta keep it easy!)
February 12 - Tacos
February 13 - Left overs or Spaghetti Carbonara

That puts me to Sunday the 13th when I'll cook again.  Perfecto!

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