January 07, 2011

Frugal Friday - Thinking a Bit Outside The Box

We got a new oven/microwave combo about a year ago. I purchased a floor model that has served us VERY well (it has a timer function that turns the oven on for you, genius!)

My appliances are black, that's what came with the house. My fridge, which we purchased, is black with a stainless front. It all worked together nicely. When we purchased the new oven and decided to go with the floor unit we didn't get a choice in color. It's stainless with black tinted glass I thought it would work perfect, but from the second it was put in it bothered me.

Actually IT didn't bother me, IT made my other appliances look bad and THAT bothered me. Our dishwasher and range hood are in good working order, so replacing them is silly, but I did want them to have a newer look.

Enter stainless panel film. At $30 for a 7 foot roll, it's almost as genius as an oven that turns itself on!

The dishwasher (excuse the Whataburger cup, I was thirsty) turned out great. I love the way it's all tied together now.

The range hood was harder, and we did it mostly on a whim. I'm thinking we'll see how long it lasts and maybe try a paint instead? It doesn't seem to be holding up well to the direct steam it gets. It was a good try though!

I'm really liking the new look. Much more cohesive, don't you think?


Midlife Army Wife said...

Brilliant! It looks great. Now, the real question...how is it to clean? One of the things I can't stand about our SS fridge is that it's so hard to keep smudge-free, even without little ones touching it.

Mie said...

What a great idea! I had no idea. Your kitchen is lovely by the way. Someday I'll get to the point where I'm inspired to decorate. Well, I'm inspired but I'll have time too. And, I'll have you know that I lived in my last house for 5 years before I realized my oven had that timer feature. I felt pretty silly when I found it but that is one of the best things ever!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Midlife - I don't think it's "real" stainless, so I'm not having too much of a smudgy problem. I've just been cleaning it with my vinegar/water combo and that seems to keep it at bay.

Mie - Thanks! I always feel better when my house is "done," but I have to admit I take it overboard. And that timer thing... genius! How did we live before we found it?