January 12, 2011

We had snow in Texas!  I thought after last years' winter, we'd seen our fill of snow for a while, but I was wrong!  In several magazines I read regularly I had seen recipes and ideas for snow paint.  I filed it all in the back of my brain, but didn't think we'd get to pull it out this year!

Our neighbors had mixed up a batch and were sweet enough to share with us.  The boys had a blast playing in the snow and working their fine motor skills pumping the bottles.  You'll notice that this year we all actually have proper footwear.. not like my Ziploc creations from last year...

We even practiced mixing some colors... Cash saw how yellow mixed with blue makes green... but you've really got to spray!

Sweet Elana made an awesome heart.  Heath said it looked like a Care Bear belly and he was right on!

For Stone, there's nothing better than a slide... well, maybe a slide with snow?

He did better with the sliding... walking in this crunchy stuff takes a bit of getting used to!  Still, he made much of an improvement from last year when he wouldn't even go close to the cold, wet snow.

Cash spotted some tracks and was intrigued by the ones with the "polka dots."  We went on a shoe hunt and found exactly what was causing the pattern... daddy's shoes!

If you're interested in making your own snow paint, just grab a spray bottle with water and add some food coloring.  Don't have food coloring on hand? You can use Jello packets, Kool-aide mix, Gatorade, even grape juice.  Pretty much anything that will stain your clothes will color snow!


Midlife Army Wife said...

So cute!! We did the same thing and made a message to Daddy in the snow, but your designs are much more elaborate - LOVE the Care Bear Heart! I was trying to sneak in the fine motor practice with some fun too, but Emily's hands got tired of the spraying, and she resorted to throwing snowballs at me. Nice to see you upgraded from the Ziplocs, although it does make a fun story :)

Penelope said...

Jealous! We didn't get any in central Texas! Snow paint looks fun!