January 27, 2011

When (almost) 3-year-olds do laundry

Cash's imagination and love of dress-up is already well documented.  It's amazing to me what he can come up with!  Here's what happens when he helps with laundry:

He becomes a super hero!  I can't think of a better way to do laundry than dressed as a super hero, can you?

Perfect! Now let's tackle this mountain of clothes!

He also dressed up like Mary as in, "Look Mom!  I Married!"

"Oh, you're getting married?"

"No mom, I MARRIED!  Like Jesus' mom, Married!"

Holden was Married too... but he didn't want to be a super hero.  He was too busy playing Tech Deck...


Penelope said...

And thought my kid was the only one wanting to wear underwear on their head.

fosteringmyfamily said...

My children also dress up like Mary (Jesus' mom) or married - I could never really tell which they meant. I posted about it a while back. Now, I think now they mostly mean getting married - because Petra always wants a bouquet of flowers to hold.