February 19, 2011

You look good... for three kids

I get this comment a lot.  I never really know what to say, mostly because I think they are referencing the fact that I don't have a poochy belly.  But I haven't "had" three kids, so that doesn't really apply.  I don't really want to explain it all to some random person, so I usually just smile and say thanks.

You never know exactly what people mean with the things they say, right?

Recently, a woman at the park commented on me looking good for having three kids, then she clarified a bit more saying, "I only have one and I can't even manage to put on make-up!"

Her kid-o was young, it's a lot harder when they are.  There were many, many days when the boys were little that I didn't shower.  There was no way!  But now, we have a routine and Heath is home to help in the mornings so I usually do get to get dressed a put on a little make-up....

But on this particular day, I had to smile at her comment.  I think my huge smile threw her off, and I didn't want her to think that I was being full of myself, so I let her in on the secret:

"I have snot on the inside of my shirt and I haven't washed my hair in over a week."

She just started laughing hysterically!

There are so many times in this parenting game that we feel that we can judge others, or that someone has the perfect life.  I think it's so important as moms to let each other in on our secrets.  It's not always perfect, it's busy and hectic and oftentimes overwhelming, but it's also extremely joyous... even when their snot is on the inside of your shirt!


jen said...

loved your comment back to that mom. That is so perfect!

Mie said...

I totally get that. I got it several times with the babies - people thought I had twins, and since they were under a year they said that a lot - I always thought, so, do I look good or good for having infant twins? It makes me chuckle. I'm glad we can look past these comments and put things in perspective. Seriously - who gets to tell our stories as much as we do?

Allison said...

I loved those you look good comments. Especially when Raihna was a baby baby. Sometimes I'd tell people they were foster children and sometimes I wouldn't. I also got the "you're ambitious" and even a few "have you heard of birth control". Wow, the things people say. Jealous that you can not shower everyday and look good :)

Penelope said...

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