March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung...

Spring literally sprang all over the kids' bedroom floor today. It looked a bit like this:

But, it was all in the name of organizational progress!

I put all of the winter away and put spring/summer clothes in the forefront. I followed my organizational strategies for hand-me-down clothes and we were done in no time!

Bonus: the kids had a blast occupying themselves by jumping in the "leaf piles of clothes" while I sorted, dotted and folded, they actually seemed a bit upset when I was done!

I keep all of the kids clothes together in one closet, which saves me a ton of time on laundry and sorting. Each kid-o has a drawer and then I stack pants on the shelves. We hang very few things around here...

I keep everything in the closet labeled and all the clothes dotted to avoid mass confusion. Right now Holden has sizes ranging from 12 months to 3t in his drawers depending on brand. Cash is 2t to 4t, and Stone is 3t to 5t. The dots really help!

I keep that little yellow basket and a sharpie on top of the dresser to handle things that don't fit immediately. If one of the big boys grows out of something I just use the sharpie to add a dot then place in the drawer below. If Holden outgrows something it gets put in the yellow basket to pass along. If I don't handle stuff like this immediately I get overwhelmed. Overwhelmed doesn't look good on me.

We don't keep shoes or pjs in the closet. I know, I know, it sounds weird, but it's what works for us. Pjs stay in stacks of three in a drawer in the bathroom and shoes and socks live on our awesome shoe shelf. Keeping things where I need them saves me precious time. It's a novel idea, but it works!

Now, when we get our last cold snap you know who to blame. Why does that always happen just as soon as you organize for the next season?

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