May 20, 2011

Frugal Friday - Make it Yourself

UPDATE: Entries are closed!
Ah summer! So glad you are here! In honor of the warm weather and outdoor fun we've been having, the boys and I set out to make Popsicles, but not just any Popsicles.... If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know these pops were packed with a healthful punch!

Like our signature smoothies, a Popsicle can be made with just about anything, and it works best when you make it with all of the things that you have on hand that are just about to go bad. That's what makes this frugal... use your stuff up, don't throw it away!

Here's what we had on-hand this time, mind you it changes daily. Usually I have some fresh spinach or kale to throw in, but we had gobbled it all up with our yummy salad mix, so we used a superfood replacement instead. The bananas were from the freezer. My kids don't eat mushy bananas, so I toss them in the freezer and save them for baking and smoothies.

I peeled the bananas and threw everything in the blender together. You could also use your food processor, mine was dirty from making chocolate LaraBar knock offs, so I went with the blender.

Now, here's the awesome part. Have you seen one of these? Genius! We just got this new Zoku Popsicle Maker and are totally in love. We haven't made anything fancy yet, but you sure can. Check this out!

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
* Photo from Zoku site

The pops freeze while you watch. It's so fun!

And they really do just pop right out!

Stone isn't the best smoothie eater, but he's always happy to eat a Popsicle, even if it's all of the same ingredients. Sometimes a little bit of fun helps veggies go down, I'm all for it!


Would you like a Zoku Quick Pop Maker too? I thought you might, so I'm giving one away! Here's how to win:

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Each separate comment will be counted as an entry and the winner will be drawn early next week!

This post is the last in a series of Frugal Friday posts which focuses on items that you routinely buy that you can actually make, cheaper, healthier and yummier! Here's the full list:

- Fancy Desserts
- Baby Food (I still can't read this post without laughing, then shaking my head in shame)
- Pancake Mix (like Bisquick)

For more great ideas on how to live a frugal life, visit Life as Mom... she's full of good ideas! And if you're on the hunt for more give-aways, check out Giveaway Day over at Hip Homeschool Mom!

Disclaimer: I am purchasing the Zoku Quick Pop Maker with my own money. This is not a sponsored post, we just thought this was super fun for our family and wanted to share with you. You can go here to see exactly how the pop maker works.

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