May 03, 2011

Learning and Lesson Plans

We might have taken the week off for Easter, but we're back at it and working hard!  We're still working on our spring unit, and will continue that into the next few weeks as we study caterpillars and butterflies.  Our garden is really growing and the kids have measured it, watered it and graphed it almost daily!

We added some new friends to our garden this week and planted some grassy friends (like Chia Pets).  They are just starting to sprout now and the boys (especially Cash) have some pretty fancy ideas for how they are going to fix their grassy hair!

Lots of good hand-eye and fine motor coordination here!

The kids line up each week for story time and circle time.  They love sitting on their little bean bags.  I know someday we'll have to progress to desks and more structure, but I love their happy faces as they sing songs!

We worked on our Seasons Puzzle...

And learned all the parts of the flower.

A little bulb sequencing (this was a bit hard because some of the bulbs were so close to the same size, but we worked together and prevailed!

The shape flowers proved to be a ton of fun... the boys are rocking their shapes now!  They even consistently know rectangle, oval and hexagon!

A little tracing...

And a lot of play dough!  I made the flowers...

but the boys were pleased as punch to destroy them for me with the scissors!

Stone now has subtraction down.  It amazes me how quickly he picked up the concept!  My little mathematician.... let's hope his skills don't pass mine before kindergarten!

All lesson plans and resources from this week's learning can be found right here.  Want to see more lesson plans and great pre-school ideas? Check out these great sites:


And you can see all of our hard work from the past, along with downloadable lesson plans and resources, by clicking here!

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