May 02, 2011

Menu Plan - A Gimme

I love when the stars align just right and I get a week like this.  If you're a mom, you know how rough dinner time is.  This week, there are very few dinner times that I have to worry about.  How cool is that?

And you know what, it was just when I needed it!  We're working on some behavior things over here that need my full attention.  Less dinner prep = more attention for my kids and more energy for me to handle some of the big stuff.  Such a blessing!

I did do a tad bit of batch cooking this week, making a vat 'o tomato sauce with some fresh CSA produce (our garden isn't quite ready to eat out of yet) and a vat 'o apple-and-sweet-potato sauce.  Yum!

So here's how it pans out:

Monday : Casserole Swap with my neighbor (her turn to cook)
Tuesday:  Neighbor Dinner
Wednesday: Pasta with Pea Pesto
Thursday: Goulash (we wound up not eating this last week due to a plethora of left-overs)
Friday: Marriage Retreat (kids are staying with Heath's parents)
Saturday: Marriage Retreat
Sunday: Dinner out (we'll just be returning from the marriage retreat and picking up the kids)

Heath and I are super excited about spending some time together on the marriage retreat with our Bible Fellowship group!  We haven't ever been on one, and since we're nearing a decade of marriage together, I think it's about time!

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