May 14, 2011

Mommy Time

Like most moms, I'm not in a natural habit of making time for myself. There's some mommy guilt, of course, but the majority of my lack of "me time" has to do with time constraints and priorities. For me, after my family is cared for, cooking, cleaning and blogging done, sleep is my highest priority. With collapsing onto the couch with a good book coming in at a close second.

But yesterday was a bit different and I did take some time to myself. I had spent the evening before cooking and cleaning, so come rest time it was already done. I had a plan to knock out a few blog posts for you, actually get the ideas out of my head and pictures out of my camera, but Blogger (my hosting service) was down and I couldn't get on to write. So I took my found 30 minutes of time to do a few beautification projects on myself.

First I took a shower, but not just any old shower, a long, hot shower where I actually washed my hair and shaved my legs. I then took some time after the shower to properly condition and throughly brush out my hairy mane, which was begging to take on a "dreaded" appearance due to lack of attention.

Fresh and clean, I decided to tackle the eyebrows. I plucked a bit. It hurt, I quit.

I didn't want to take it too far anyway, it would be a shame if my husband failed to recognize me in a crowd of parents at swim lessons due to my suddenly drastic approach to hair management.

I knew it was getting close to the end of rest time for the boys, so I quickly slapped a new layer of paint on my toes, never you mind that I didn't take the previous layer off. My toes look fabulous, and, at least according to my mother, this orange-y color is quite in style right now.

Yes people, I take fashion tips from my mother. Fortunately she's very hip... She doesn't even own a pair of "mom jeans!" I know this for fact because I also steal a lot of her hand-me-downs.

I was feeling really fancy with my new toes, so I tied on a scarf and added a necklace to my ensemble. I often wear scarves, but adding a necklace was new.

I really liked the look. Very Anthropologie. I love that store. I could easily live there. They have a scarf with an incorporated necklace in their stores now. It's super cute.

Soon after, rest time was over and we started packing up for an afternoon at the park. But, upon waking, some astute eyes caught a glimpse of my orange toes and needed some of his own.

Daddy wasn't thrilled with this mini-pedicure, but there is a little one in my house that sure is!

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