September 21, 2011

Apple Cider Meatballs

I used to make jellied meatballs a lot. You know, the ones that you dump in the crockpot with grape jelly and bar-b-que sauce?

My current eating standards won't let jellied meatballs happen, but I have come up with a very yummy alternative. Meet Apple Cider Meatballs:

I think this is the best GF meatball recipe I've ever found, so it's what I use. You could make them anyway you want or even buy frozen, but this is where I start. I make mine ahead in huge batches and then freeze them.

Cooked meatballs (5 per adult, 3 per child)
2-3 cups apple cider (I use organic)
1 cup apple sauce (I make my own)
1tbs apple cider vinegar
1tbs oregano
1tbs honey

Throw everything into the crockpot (I put the the meatballs in frozen) and cook on low for up to eight hours.

It's super yummy and my kids gobbled them up in no time flat!

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