November 23, 2011

ABC Thankfulness

A: Adoption, I just love the way God chose to build our family
B: Babies, I pray God continues to bring kids into our lives that we can serve (Bryson, Analeigh, Laila and Scott)

C: Cash, oh how I love this beautiful child!

D: Daddies, the one that lives in our house is awesome!
E: Eleven years with Heath, and I enjoy it more with each year!

F: Family, I married into a good one and was lucky to be raised in a good one. Now I'm blessed with an awesome one of my own!
G: God, I'm so glad to have a Father that surrounds me in grace. I'm so thankful He sent His son to save me from my sinful heart
H: Holden, silly and full of life, I am so thankful for the blessing that he is

I: iPads, such great learning tools!

J: Joy, I'm surrounded by it. My kids are full of it and I hope I can foster a home where it only continues to grow

K: Kombucha, I honestly couldn't survive without it
L: Library story time

M: Moving, it's opened up money and time together as a family, and I'm reminded daily that it's exactly where God wants us to be
N: Nourishing food, I am so blessed to feed my family the good food that grows their bodies and feeds their brains

O: Old friends, sure, we've been making some new friends in the country, but these old guys will always stick with us

P: Parks, and the blessing of living in an environment that makes them usable almost year round

Q: Quiet moments spent with my little ones, especially when it involves cuddling
R: Reading, I love getting lost in a book and I love reading with my littles (and watching them read to each other)

S: Stone, his smile is so wide it could literally knock you down. Love him!

T: Toys, especially trains and cars. My kids love them!

U: Uninterrupted showers, I'm not lucky enough to get them on a daily basis, but when I do? Bliss!
V: Very local food, raw milk, fresh produce, pastured eggs, beef and chicken. It's so nice to have these things so close to home

W: Water, specifically clean water and the fact that's it available to me in ready supply
X: X (as in crossing out) I'm thankful that Heath and I have chosen to raise our kids and live our lives against the current culture
Y: Yellow walls in the bedroom of our new house and the feeling of home and warmth I get each time I walk in the door
Z: Zero debt, it's amazing what opportunities opened up as soon as we nixed the debt

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