November 03, 2011

I love Fall!

The weather is finally cooler and the Fall festivities are in full swing.  I love this time of year, which might or might not have something to do with the fact that it's my birthday.  I'll let you decide.

There aren't a whole lot of real pumpkin patches around here, but there are an awful lot of "pumpkin patches." We visit the same one every year and love it.  The boys love running through the pumpkins...

Playing soccer with the pumpkins...

And brake-dancing in the pumpkins... you know, typical pumpkin patch activities.

For the more traditional set, there's a barrel train, which they loved too, despite their penchant for soccer and dancing.

We take the same picture at the same patch every year.  This year they weren't having it, but I tried!

And then there's Halloween!  Love it!  And love the personalities captured in this photo!

We chose to trick or treat at the assisted living center and it was a great choice.  I didn't worry about anyone running in the street and they served us hot dogs.  Happy Halloween to mommy, no cooking or cleaning the kitchen for me!

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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