June 23, 2015

A Little Space of Their Own

I think every kid LOVES little spaces. As parents, we focus on making sure we have a bedroom for each kid, wide spaces to roam... but then the kids seem to find their favorite space in a closet. 

When I was little, we always begged to sleep in a large linen closet using the shelves like bunk beds. Some of my best memories happened in that closet! 

We've been focusing on the outside spaces of our house lately. We've done porches, and I'm creating some adult sitting spaces. I felt guilty that I was focusing my attention there and still hadn't gotten around to the treehouse. 

So, today we fixed that! 

I bought very little for this space. I mostly pulled things from the attic and just hodge podged it all together. But the result is amazing! 

Here's the little landing area when you walk up. The tree house is obscured from the house by a big (obviously) tree. To the kids, it feels very hidden, but I can actually see them very well from the kitchen window! 

It's a smallish area, so I tried to create two distinct pockets of space - one for reading/relaxing and another for crafts. 

I used some vertical space to hang art supplies. They are still within easy reach, but up off the floor.

The kids are loving it! 

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Kylee said...

Beautiful lady, I miss you! I love seeing how your sweet kids are growing and thriving. Hoping there's a day soon we can catch up on life's happenings from these past few years. You are and your sweet family are loved and thought of often!