October 12, 2006

One Down, One to Go

Homestudy down and it went very well. Heath and I showed our case worker around the house and answered a few questions. We were stumped on one, where is the closest police station? Who knows? I had the fire station down, they are always out washing the truck so you notice them, but police seem to stay inside a bit more.

She was very open to answering our questions as well and was excited to hear how excited our families were. We also gave her our adoption book, which she will look through with other case workers and give us any suggestions on changes. We mentioned when we were talking to her that both of our parents were really excited about the baby because this would be their first grandchild. She asked if we had put that in the book and we hadn't. She said that would be a good thing to add because it shows more excitement toward the baby. So, we'll do that after we get the rest of the changes back.

Next Thursday is the meeting at Gladney with the same case worker (which Heath and I love by the way). This meeting will last a lot longer, about 4 hours. We'll go over all of the paperwork we submitted and go really in-depth with her on some of the items related to the baby's background. When we're done with that, we are good to go.

Thank you all again for the many prayers. As we were talking to the case worker, we realized what an amazing support system we have in all of you and that really seemed to shine through to her. Hope everyone is having a great week!


jenidipndots said...

glad to hear it all went well!

Bran4C said...

YaY!! I knew yall would do great! And, I love that yall are blogging....keeps me updated!!! See yall soon!

Mrs. Bick said...

I stumbled across another friend's blog, who has a friend's blog... ANYWAY,


has a link to other adoption blogs. Thought you might be interested.

So happy for you both!