October 09, 2006

Weekend Away

We went away this weekend on a wonderful bed and breakfast trip through Mississippi. I could really get used to living on a plantation and eating those amazing breakfasts every morning! We'll suffice it to say that I might have gained a few pounds...

Our great cousins took us on the trip and it was so great to get away from the house. With the homestudy coming up so quickly, I was glad to be away. I would have probably just sat at home and overly worried and overly cleaned. Speaking of cleaning, I did some thinking over the weekend and remembered that our housekeeper still owed us for one cleaning and so I called in the favor. We decided that the house cleaning would be one of our expenses to cut for the adoption, but when I told her she didn't come the next time even though she had already been paid. She's coming this afternoon and it will be a great treat for me.

Back to Mississippi, we stayed in an amazing Bed and Breakfast in Natchez call Monmouth Plantation. We stayed in one of the back houses next to a pond with a little waterfall..

Our cousin baby Scott went with us and did so well on the trip - even the six hour car ride! He stayed with us in our room and I think was so worn out from running around like a crazy man that he just crashed! We went to the civil war (even though my cousin Marty says that there was nothing civil about it) museum in Vicksburg and Scott and I had our picture made on a cannon. It was a lot of fun! Heath chased Scott all over the plantation grounds in Vicksburg and let him splash in the fountain. We are so glad to have been invited on this adventure. It was a true introduction to the south and the food couldn't be beat!

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those pictures are adorable!