December 04, 2006

Sorry! Been a long time!

Sorry it's been so long! Heath and I have been busy with weddings and in the full swing of the Christmas season. We finished our required classes for the adoption this weekend, so if we are to get a quick placement, we're all set to go! We did infant CPR about a month ago and did a baby care basics class yesterday. After having Baby Scott stay with us so much, I thought I had a lot of it down, but oh so much to learn! We started keeping Scott when he was 9 months old, so he was a big baby! The scarriest thing for me is the whole "cord care," which I have been assured isn't as bad as you think. We had to bathe a very tiny baby part-by-part for the class. No just dunking them in water. Heath was in charge of that part and did an amazing job! A lot of the other dads were struggling quite a bit, but Heath had it down!

Baby Scott has been staying with us quite a bit and keeping us busy! Over Thanksgiving week he went out with Heath, me and my dad to my dad's construction site. He thought those machines were just the greatest things! We had to peel him off of the steering wheel! I got a ton of cute pictures, but think that this is one of the best. He was sitting in the scoop!

Our neighbors are also letting us borrow an extra sandbox that they have. It's shaped like a tug boat and Scott has a blast digging away - and maybe eating a little bit! Dirt makes you stronger, right?

As we head into the Christmas season, I will admit that things have been a bit difficult for me especially. Heath and I are so ready to have a little one home with us permanently and I know that he's struggling with me as we try our best to be patient and trust that all is in God's hands. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


jenidipndots said...

thinking about you and praying for you guys. I understand the desire to have a little one home and with you permanently.

Anonymous said...

Brit-You and Heath are going to be just fine.Kids love you. Any baby is going to be the luckiest child to have you two for parents just like Scotty has been and you alway will have all of us around to help (you know we are hard to get rid of).