February 01, 2007

January Recap

January involved some traveling - my mom, sister and I went up to Portland to spend a bit of time, just girls. It was fun! We haven't been able to see Scott too much this month, so we are missing him tons, but hoping that February will bring lots of time together.

Heath and I attended an additional meeting at Gladney last weekend and have decided to change our adoption profile a bit to include siblings, which means that we could get an older child AND an instant family. It's something Heath and I are really excited about and a program we didn't know Gladney had.

We met some great couples in that meeting and are looking forward to meeting up with them again through other agency meetings. Now that we're approved and on the list, we are able to go to the meetings Gladney holds in the Dallas area. Most of them are parenting seminars or a chance for adoptive families to get together with the kids. We're excited about participating!

We're keeping busy throughout the month of February - busy's always good, it makes the wait seem shorter. Our amazing Sunday School class has lots of fun activities planned and we have started eating supper together with all of our neighbors on a weekly basis. We couldn't be more blessed by the people that surround us in our lives!

I'm also helping a few more girls start a new Bible study at the church. The focus is on infertility, but there are couples in there that are adopting as well. I think it will be yet another group that will help Heath and I through the struggle of waiting. We know we'll get there soon, but this has been hard on us. Adoption is not for the faint of heart!

I listen to KLTY every morning and heard a great story on there. They have been asking listeners to call in and give reasons why they feel blessed. A woman called in this morning and said she felt blessed because her and her husband were just able to adopt their first child. She talked about how hard the wait was but how God had made this special little personl specifically for them. It's nice to know God answers you when you need him to - it was exactly what I needed to hear this morning to make it through the day!

We hope God is blessing each and every one of you today - count your blessings, even the smallest ones!

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jake said...

Brit - I know God has a special little person just for you and Heath as well. It's just a matter of time...