April 17, 2007


Believe it or not (and I'm choosing not because that means I don't have to accept that my little boy is getting big) Ethan is now full-on crawling. We're not talking teeter, tottering and scooting, we're talking chase mommy and doggy around the house crawling. He is so prowd of himself and has been all smiles since he started this weekend. The crawling also seems to be wearing him out, which is absolute bliss for us as he takes good naps and sleeps silently through the night.

Our Mr. Man is growing up!


Mrs. Bick said...

Hooray for a wonderful new milestone. Warning mommy... this is only the beginning, and things will move fast from here. As my mom says, "Katie, bar the door! That little man is on the move!"

So happy for you guys!

P.S. Beckett might want to start practicing hiding!

Anonymous said...

(chuckle, chuckle) You are in our prayers!

NOTE: ropes, string, and velcro work well for keeping him in place!

Mr. Bick

ASC said...

Maybe he can give E a few tips, so she can get on the move, too! :-)