June 05, 2007

Tag -- I'm it...

I've been tagged by my friend Amy to tell you eight little know things about me. Here we go...

1. I love to eat and when it's something I really like I can eat super quantities of it. Guacamole and Oreos come to mind... Yum!

2. When I went toliet papering when I was younger, we left one of my friends up in the tree so we wouldn't get caught. We circled back around to pick her up about an hour later.

3. I love saving money with coupons and sales. It's a game to me...

4. I hated Barbies growing up because they weren't "real enough." I stuck to baby dolls and made my mom buy me real accessories for them. God bless a mother who waits for you to properly buckle in a baby doll in the car at the age of 5.

5. Going on with that theme, kids who aren't properly buckled into the car drive me nuts - well I guess it's the parents not the kids - and I have been known to call the police to report them.

6. I slept with my blankie until I was way too old - not sure the age, but it was approaching middle school.

7. I worked in the same office that Amy described in her top 8. I'll add that it was very near an airport and when I arrived for work the morning after I thought a plane had gone through the building!

8. My sister was in the movie store when a car went through - the same movie store that we were in a commercial for years earlier. I wore a very stricking gymnastics suit with leg warmers. It's a classic!

Let's see, I don't have that many friends who blog, so I'll tag Uyen.

Hope you guys are all having a great week. I'm waiting for the FPS/CPS office to call right now and let me know if we are having a visit today. Birthmom has missed the last two in a row, so I'm really hoping we're not having to make the trek down there, especially since Ethan just went down for a nap!

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