May 29, 2007

Amazing Weekend

As you know from my previous post, this was not a fun Friday for us. That said, Heath and I do very strongly believe that these months in limbo are a blessing in disguise for us. We enjoy every moment, we constantly put Ethan above other things, even at the risk of losing our jobs, our home... We know that this time could possibly be short lived, so we are making sure that this time together is shared to the fullest. I'm sure every parent goes into the start of parenting this way, then life takes over. Believe me, life has fully tried to take over, but we have a constant reminder that each day could be our last and that we are going to take full advantage of it.

You know, there are very few promises in life. None of us are promised as parents that we will always have our child, none of us are promised that we will always have our spouse, our parents, our friends. But God did promise to always be there for us, to hold us, guide us and support us through whatever may come our way. This promise is what keeps Heath and I strong, knowing that there is an amazing plan and happy that we are blessed to be a part of it.

We spent the weekend in Decatur and completely shut off - it was a time for family, not work, not anything else. Our cell phones died and we didn't care, I didn't check e-mail until this morning, and no one exploded in the mean time. God sent us an amazing sign on Saturday night - a visual reminder of his support of us through anything. This amazing rainbow stretched across the entire sky after a heavy downpour - we know that we are loved, we know that Ethan will be safe, we know that our God is great!

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ASC said...

God did send a rainbow to Noah as a sign of His promise not only that He would never flood the earth again, but to remind us that He's always there for us. What a special reminder for your family -- and what a special weekend!!!!