November 01, 2007

Halloween Tricks...

Ok, so I'm hacked. Maybe its a lesson in sticking to your guns, but I think it should be a lesson in parenting. Halloween night around 8 o'clock I opened the door to a group of older middle school aged boys not in costume and refused to give them candy. I really think if you don't bother to even take the time to dress up, you shouldn't get the reward. Heath laughed at me jumping up on my soapbox, but backed me up. Well, kind of backed me up - saying that it probably would have been easier just to give them candy than to have our cars keyed.

Fast forward to this afternoon when I go to put mail in the mail box - bills no less. I open the box to find ----- PAINTBALLS! The mailbox was full of busted and unbusted paintballs. It was a total mess. Upon closer examination, the blue paint balls were all over my front yard. Now really guys, where are these kids parents?

As I cleaned the paintball goo off the box I thought maybe I'd keep my mouth shut next year, but what good would that really do. Heath gave me the "I don't want to say I told you so, but...."

Let's just say E will never have a paintball gun... Oh, and after I get off my soapbox, I'll post some cute Halloween pics. I am, however, getting some clarity off of my high post.


ASC said...

I'm just glad they didn't paintball your house and do more damage! Good for you for sticking to your guns, though. Really, it's rediculous to trick or treat at that age - without costumes, no less. Do I sound old if I start saying things like "those kids these days....."? :-)

Sara Elizabeth said...

don't they realize it was just candy? seriously! They could have gone to the store and bought a bag of candy for a lot less than they spent on paintballs! Keying someone's car over candy refusal is ridiculous! I'm with you -- take the time to at least put on some sort of costume!