January 28, 2008

The Routine of It All

I am a self-confessed creature of habit. I love knowing what's in store for me before I start - it gives me sanity. The flip side of that is putting things on the calendar and scheduling out things that I dread - like cleaning the bathroom on Wednesdays.

Being back in the office for the second week I think I'm finally getting into the routine of it all again. I will admit that having to get dressed every morning and look presentable has been a challenge (unique in the fact that none of my pants fit), but we've been on-time so far the majority of the time. I've decided from now on that's what I'm shooting for, the majority.

If I'm at the majority of the events for my kids, if I make them dinner and we eat it at the table the majority of the time, if they play outside and not watch TV the majority of the time - I'm hopeful that the minority won't rot their brains too much.

I think that's the "supermom" dilemma that we are all living in right now. I made a conscious decision soon after Ethan-Stone came home that I would continue to work part-time. It was honestly a decision I never thought I would make, but it worked best for me. Going back to control and schedules, I would have tried too hard to be an overachieving super housewife and mom and most-likely would have let one of them fall off the map. Part of my downfall might be the fact that I look at every task as my "job." I have to excel, I have to do it perfect and I absolutely have to have positive encouragement from those around me. Hard to admit, but it's what keeps me going.

Having a "job" outside of the home (I put that in quotes because I still truly believe that my first job is being a good mom), I have finally given myself permission to let some of the other things go, and ask for help when I need it. Did you know that men really can do laundry, clean bathtubs and iron? It's amazing!

So, back to the routine.... I do have some new pictures, but can't find the little cord to get them out of the camera and onto the computer. When I do, I promise I'll get them up ASAP. Maybe if I scheduled it in, finding the cord that is, I would actually do it. Putting it in the Palm now....


ASC said...

Amen, sister. I, too, adore order -- too much, I'm afraid. Several friends and I have been talking about the "supermom" phenomenon lately. Don't get me wrong....it's important to have standards, and to teach your kids responsbility and cleanliness and manners! While you want to do what's best for your family and your kids - there is definitely a point where some people lose sight of what's really important - those same families and children. At the end of the day, if the bathtub is dirty...but you did spend time with your child in your lap reading or spending some other quality time with them....that's what's most important. Here's to "the majority!" :-)

jen said...

hrmmm, food for thought. I admit getting caught up in my own supermom self. Doing stuff that only I will notice and/or care about. That's kind of part of my new years resolution is to back down from doing so much "stuff" around the house and just enjoy being a mom. I even let myself take a nap today, and it was awesome. Great to see others struggle with this.