January 20, 2008

Tired days

I'm beginning to feel the full force of the tiredness. It makes for longer days, but I'm still really lucky to have not been sick and feel pretty good throughout the week. I know cutting back would help a lot with the tired end of things, but everything seems to be getting busier. My boss for the company I have been working for went MIA, while owing me some money. He says I'll get the money (we'll see), but in the meantime, I've gone back to work in the office at The Kula Group while E is in school. I enjoy the work much better there, because it's something different every day, but it does leave me more tired - simply because there is more to do!

When summer rolls around, we'll go down to three 1/2 days instead of four, with a couple of weeks off in-between, so I promise, I will get some rest in. I'm looking forward to Monday off this week, but hit the ground running Tuesday, finishing up the last of the house project I started in October. It's been fun, but very demanding.

E's sleeping now after a fun-filled church morning, so I think I'm going to take advantage! Sorry no sonogram pics yet, still trying to learn the ins and outs of the scanner, but I promise to get them up soon.


ASC said...

I remember that's how my best friend always knew she was pregnant...."you feel more tired than you've ever felt in your life..." pretty accurate, I'd say! :-) Hang in there....and nap when you can! It really helps.

Sara Elizabeth said...

naps and taking it easy as much as possible do help! Usually once the 2nd trimester hits you'll have a little more energy. At least that is how it was for me. Long afternoon/early evening naps are great when you get home from work. So exciting for you to be experiencing this! E will make a great big brother.