February 04, 2008

Twelve Weeks

You could say I've been insanely fearful throughout the first weeks of this pregnancy. There was really no legitimate reason, everything looked good, the baby was progressing on track, I wasn't sick all the time.... I'm sure a lot of it was fear of the unknown and my need to control things.

Not that reaching the 12-week marker makes all of these fears go away, but I am feeling a little better knowing I've entered the so-called safety zone. We get more excited every day and can't wait to meet our new little one.

Now if I can just keep everyone from thinking there is an open invitation to touch my belly!


ASC said...

I didn't even tell anyone I was pregnant until I was about 13 weeks. I am sure they thought "man that girl is gaining an awful lot of weight!" until they knew the real reason! But I was so afraid of something happening to that tiny little baby! Get used to the belly touching....it gets worse as you get bigger - the grocery store and church are the places with the most offenders! :-)

Kellee said...

Ok, so HOW did I miss this news?! Oh my!!! I'm so happy for you all. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!

Maybe you need the shirt below to help with your tummy touching problems. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9220744

It's interesting that you stop being a real person once you become pregnant. It's like you're everyone's science project or something.

Congrats again!

jen said...

I had the same fear throughout my first trimester. Then I started looking at survival rates of pre-term babies and gestational age. HINT: do not do this! It is not worth it, just enjoy (as much as possible)

Brit and Heath said...

I'm buying that shirt Kellee! Great suggestion!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on making it to your second trimester! Those first few months are scary. With Landen I had several problems those first few months and felt like I was always getting an ultrasound. It was so stressful, then second semester I was able to relax more. It is such a great time - you feel better and are not too big yet. Of course, I think anytime you are pregnant or have kids you never fully rest easy, it is just a new level of normal. Hang in there and remember to let me know if you ever need anything! We are only steps away:-)

Jess & Nate said...

Hey Brit! i linked onto this through jenna's page and love it! Congrats on the pregnancy. Relax and enjoy it. It flies by as does raising a child. If you get a second you should check out our blog...jessandnateslittlegirl.blogspot.com