February 13, 2008

April 10

First, an apology for the lack of posting. I really don't have an excuse, but feel guilty when I read others blogs! Also, I need to get better with the photos. I was looking for pictures on Shutterfly to use for E's Adoption Day invites and realized that I went from taking a million pictures a month to just 10 in January! Quite the decline!

Okay, so why the April 10 title? Because that's the "scheduled" day to find out boy or girl! We've had several people ask, and I made the appointment this morning after my appointment. From the appointment today, all looks good. Baby's heartbeat is strong, you just have to chase him/her all over my belly to find it. Aparently we have a bit of a fear of the doppler.

E's excited about his Valentine's day party tomorrow. He helped me fill out all of the cards and also participated in a cookie decorating playdate on Monday to get in the spirit. Maybe I should rephrase that, I participated in a cookie decorating playdate while my child ate all the cookies! I have now put my camera in my purse, so hopefully I will be better at photos and posting. Thought I could at least take the effort to make it handy! Now I just have to remember that it's there!

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Those Dandy Dillards said...

I understand about pictures declining... poor Gabby doesn't have NEAR as many of her as Oliver did. But I do have some on Ethan from the park this weekend that you are welcome to download to your computer. Just click on the link to my blog. Feel free to post them on your blog if you want to get some pictures up there today!