March 24, 2008

Spring Break is Over --- Sigh...

This last week E. Stone was out of school and we were blessed to spend the entire week together. You would think that I would be so ready to head back into work today and get into a routine, but I completely dreaded it. We had a blast together and I am really starting to count down the days until stay-at-home momdom come June.

Every day E does or says something completely amazing, he's learning so quickly and amazes Heath and I both with his unending curiosity and strength. We can't help but smile each moment we look at him!

Heath is off work tomorrow and we're planning a trip to the zoo! I think E. Stone is going to LOVE it! Elephant and snake are his favorite "animal noises" to make, so I'm sure we'll do a lot of hanging out near those! It's also going to be a beautiful day tomorrow, so that will help all of us to have a great time. That's something that each person in our family holds in common - we love, love outside. You can change any of our moods with a bit of sunshine!

So, what did we do for Spring Break? Nothing fabulous, but it doesn't take a bunch of planned activities to make the week fun. We spent a lot of time at the park hanging out with friends, we attended our weekly storytime on Friday and spent Saturday in Decatur. Sunday evening we met up with my parents, sister and almost brother-in-law for dinner at Patrizios.

I've heard that many kids go through a separation anxiety period at about 18-months, but I think in our case, mom is going through it for E. Heath and I discussed it last night - it seems every couple of months I announce that this phase in E's development is my favorite. Right now, though, it really is. He seems to be losing some of his strong need for independence and is loving to cuddle. He still plays independently, but he'll look around every so often and say "mama" if he doesn't see me right off the bat.
I love that he needs me, and think I'm somewhat mourning the fact that it will soon no longer just be the three of us. We are so excited about #2, but know there will be a lot of changes. Looking forward to June when I have a whole three months of just "us."


sign me .... Mrs. Bick said...

Just know that cuddling with 2 little ones just takes a bit more creativity. And that you will be surprised by how much your heart will grow with the addition of one more to love... and how much more there is to spread around.

ASC said...

Believe me, we had a "Easter hangover" around here today too -- so hard to get back to normal!

Have fun at the zoo!