March 13, 2008

I've been tagged! ...and other news

We're finally back to full health and everyone is doing much better! Poor baby was so sick and I just had the hardest time knowing that he wasn't himself. He had a bit of a hard time heading back to school, but now that he's been in a week I think we're over the hump.

Next week is spring break, which I am SO looking forward to! We're going to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine and Heath is off on Friday afternoon for some family time.

Last Sunday, we held the first anniversary bash for Ethan-Stone's "gotcha day." Gotcha day's are typically more celebrated in international adoptions because the child's birthday and home arrival don't match, but it works in our case as well. We celebrated this year with friends and family at our home - with lots of cupcakes!

Here's E with one of his many sweets of the day. He was actually pretty neat with his cupcakes:

Photo credit here goes to my amazing friend Amy, who not only served as photographer for the afternoon, but also wrote this amazing blog entry about Ethan-Stone and our family. So sweet!

Now, on to the tagging. Courtesy of my friend, neighbor and fellow blogger Jennifer:

What I was doing 10 years ago?

Graduating from high school - and thrilled to be getting out of the big "C"! I was actually just in the beginning throws of my first semester at UTD, since I skipped out of high school before my actual graduation date.

Looking back, this was a big year for me. I was living away from parents for the first time and also met my great friends Kara and Lauren as well as my future hubby! Wow, has that been 10 years?

5 Things on To Do List

First up is a press conference this afternoon where all local stations are slated to attend. It's actually a great story, one of the residents at a nursing home in Dallas (which happens to be a Kula Group client) is turning 114 today, making her the oldest Texan, second oldest American and third oldest person in the world! Watch 4, 5 or 8 tonight for the story!

Other things on the list aren't as pressing, need to create a media list, clean out closets at the house and reorganize the bins for attic storage. Lastly, I have some thank you notes to finish up from the above-mentioned party.

My Favorite Snacks

Unlike Jennifer, I love snacks! I could snack all day long and never eat a meal. I love cheese-its, goldfish, anything with cream cheese on it... not sounding to healthy now that I write it out!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

I would, of course, be generous but first would be paying everything off so that Heath and I could be home with our kids. I'd probably wind up adopting quite a few more kid-os and maybe even having a few more. I'd love to fill my house with children, but right now there are some budget constraints to that plan!

3 Bad Habits

1. Aforementioned eating

2. Holding grudges

3. Making snap decisions

5 Places I have Lived

I'm pretty boring in this category: Corsicana, Richardson, Denton, Frisco and Plano

5 Jobs I have had

Babysitter/nanny, PR consultant, adjunct professor, freelance writer, mom - the last one being the hardest, yet most rewarding positions.

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