April 21, 2008

Make Haste Woman

My husband comes up with the craziest things. Yesterday we were changing the bed skirt on the bed (after Beckett threw up all over it) and he was holding the mattress up while I straightened out the skirt beneath. I know the mattress is heavy, I've lifted it before, so I was trying to hurry. In my rush, it seemed to be taking longer than if I would have gone about it slowly. Just as I was finishing up on my last corner, my husband says, "Make haste woman!"

Now, I'm dying laughing, which isn't helping the situation. He starts laughing at me laughing, which really isn't helping the situation. Then Ethan-Stone chimes in with full on guffaws because mommy and daddy are loosing it. I narrowly escape death-by-mattress-crushing as my husband and I start rolling with laughter at the sight of our son laughing himself silly and not even knowing why!

After we can breathe again, my husband looks at me and asks, "Why was that so funny?"

"Well dear, when was the last time you heard someone use the word haste?"

The bed skirt is still wrinkled and crooked and my husband still doesn't understand why I lost it, but it made for a fun memory. So, be sure to make some haste in your daily work today... it just might make you laugh!

*** Digital camera update - camera should arrive today! I'll start posting pics again soon!

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ASC said...

This made me laugh out loud - it sounds very much like something that would happen at our house!