April 26, 2008

Zoo with Mommy and Daddy!

On March 25, Heath took a half day at work and we all went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and Ethan-Stone loved the animals. Since I can finally post pics, here are some from that fun family day!

Thanks to my friend Amy for letting me know that it wasn't just me that blogger was "hating on" with photos (am I too old to say that?) Apparently, not a lot of people were able to post photos the last few days due to a blogger glitch - so nice to know I wasn't being singled out!

Be sure to check under the "Earth Day" and "Where's my DiDi" posting for a couple of new photos as well. And, just in case these aren't enough photos to fill you up, here's a big "first" photo. E's first real haircut!

We've had trims in the past with scissors, but daddy pulled out the big guns this time and used the clippers. Daddy and Ethan-Stone now have the same, exact hair cut! I love my boys!

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