May 07, 2008

First Blogger, now Shutterfly

First Blogger wouldn't let me update with new pics, now Shutterfly is shutting down everytime I try to upload new photos - that said, it's been a while since I added to our photo pages. Is anyone else having this problem? Or, has just my computer been banned from playing with others? Maybe we need some lessons on sharing and using our nice hands?

Ethan-Stone, Heath and I have been bopping along with normal weekly rituals. I did kick a little extra butt this week and got the mud room in tip top organizational shape. This left me feeling very accomplished - I love things in order. We even all have cubbies with our names on them now - even #2 has a nametag on his cubby. You'll have to check out the mud room the next time you're here to see what we're thinking on names.

I will have to say that #2's name was recently vetoed by Sophia, our 4-year-old neighbor. She would much rather us name our child Slide, Earth, Street or Grass. I think we might have a hippy on our hands!

I also sent out an E-mail to let everyone know, but in case you missed it, my E-mail address has changed. It's now Heath's is Just in case you are in the process of updating your address book!

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ASC said...

You go, girl! I LOVE it when I super-organize something like the laundry room...and I covet your mudroom - we don't have such a space here. So handy! But I can imagine that they get out of hand quickly - so from one organizational freak to another - I am thrilled for you that it's restored to proper glory!!!