May 23, 2008

Padre 2008 - Great Success!

We are just returning from our annual South Padre Island trip with Heath's family and boy was it fun! Ethan-Stone did amazing on the car ride, I really couldn't have dreamed up such wonderful behavior and he seemed to be in great spirits. It's amazing what Elmo will do!

We have a strict Elmo rule at our house - one Elmo a day limit. Usually this Elmo limit is reached in two separate increments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and mommy uses the time to check e-mail, finish getting dressed and/or clean something. I can get a lot done in 30 minutes with my child sucked into the television set!

On the trip, all rules were off, including Elmo limits. E. Stone looked at us in wonder and we happily agreed to put in Elmo tape after Elmo tape for his watchful little eyes. We rented some new ones from the library and that helped make Elmo a bit more bearable for the adults.

Ethan-Stone loved the beach. By the last day he was running out into the water without any coaxing and loved trying to skip the shells with daddy. It was nice to be away from everything for a week and really watch my little boy without any other distractions - laundry, work or otherwise. I will admit to moments of complete awe as I watched my amazing child pitter-patter through the sand and discover new things. He developed a complete obsession for his father and is having a hard time with him back at work today. The uninterrupted moments of time where we get to be a family are a Godsend and one of the things that I am most thankful for.

E. Stone and I are in Corsicana today and headed to the lake with my dad this afternoon. Heath had to work today, but will be off for Memorial Day, so will join us down at the lake after. My little sister Colbie and her fiance Jake are also headed to the lake house for Memorial Day, so it will be a packed house and a ton of fun. Ethan-Stone blossoms around family, so I'm sure he'll count these last couple of weeks as one of his best ever!

I wanted to end this post with a prayer - because I have felt amazingly blessed this week - Dear God, thank you for my family - for the one I was born into and the ones that I have inherited. Thank you for this precious time, where we can all come to you and each other in fellowship. Thank you for the amazing weather and the slowness of the day - you are a most gracious God!

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ASC said...

Welcome home! (And God bless Elmo! As you know, we love him, too -- maybe a little too much!)