May 29, 2008

Why I love having a little boy... and a few prayer requests

My sweet E and I were on a walk at the lake house this weekend and he did the most amazing thing. As we were walking, he pointed to some wild flowers and started saying "mama." Of course, I bent down, showed him the flowers up close and said, "flower, yellow flowers." He insisted on saying "mama," no flower, then he got a little uncomfortable in the stroller and started yelling to get out. Since we were on a country road, I let him out to inspect the flowers up close. He pulled one with his little hand and gave it to me saying, "mama." He wasn't calling the flowers "mama," he was trying to say that I should have them!

So, we pulled them (probably a federal offense) and took them back to the house to put in a vase. I love this little boy!

Now, onto the prayer requests... We saw the ENT on Tuesday and Ethan-Stone is all scheduled to have his adenoids and tonsils removed on June 18th. We're nervous about the surgery, but know it will make a world of difference with the breathing issues he's been experiencing. We love his doctor and know this is what's best, but an overnight hospital stay is a little scary!

We also received a call from CPS that a referral has been made on Ethan-Stone's biological brother. While this is something that Heath and I knew would come up eventually, the situation is a bit scary in that E's bio-mom is now on the run with the baby. We don't have a lot of info, just know that the baby is in danger and that there are drugs involved. Please pray that this little boy is found safe and that he is provided with a new, safe home. As I said, we don't have a lot of details and will pass them along as they come in, but the safety of this little one is top of the list - I believe he was born in late January, but am not sure of his exact age, but too little to fend for himself...


Those Dandy Dillards said...

Thanks for posting all of that info. Being down here in Houston makes me feel like I am so far from all of my friends. I will be praying for E's surgery on the 18th. I know that will be so wonderful for his breathing... but you won't be able to hear him so well on the baby monitor anymore :) I'll also be praying for his bio-brother. What a sad situation for that little boy... See you in a few days!

Anna said...

I'll be praying for E's surgery. Scary, even when it's for the best. Also, I'll be praying for his bio brother. Any word about him, yet?