June 15, 2008

Happy father's day...

To my wonderful husband, father and father-in-law. Three amazing men who I know will help groom my boys into wonderful husbands and fathers as well. E. Stone is surrounded by good male rolemodels, which I believe is quite rare in today's society. He has so many wonderful men to go to in times of need - those listed above plus the rest of our "village," and I couldn't be more lucky to have all of these wonderful men in my life too!

Speaking of our wonderful village - Heath got a neat surprise from our back door neighbors, who showed up this afternoon with a father's day surprise for him, a guy pie! They were so sweet to think of him! Heath and I love their girls and this was such a neat reminder of how important our families are to each other. The guy pie was amazing (as is everything that is ever made at the Harr House) - Heath and E. Stone let mommy have a piece even though she isn't a guy!

Happy father's day daddies! You make our lives very, very special and we love you tons!

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