June 11, 2008

Early morning wake up calls...

Lately, E. Stone has been thinking that 6 a.m. is the proper time to wake in the morning. Heath and I are thinking not so much! He usually sleeps until 7:30 - giving me plenty of time to wake up, check e-mail and start laundry and other daily chores. The upside to the early waking? E gets to see his DaDi off to work every morning and the boys get to work together to make the family drinks in the morning.

Each person in our family has a family drink that must be delivered to them upon waking. Mine used to be tea, but I've moved on to OJ since I shouldn't have the caffeine and sugar anyway. Heath has coffee and E. Stone must have a glass of milk upon waking - from either nap or bedtime - it's a total addiction. So, the boys get the drinks ready and feed Beckett dog while I start chores and feed the Dorothies (fish). It's a fun routine and I do enjoy the bonus family time, but it's also early!

We're going to try a few things to help move the wake up call back a little and we'll let you know how it goes - for now, moving back the bedtime doesn't work. He still wakes at the same time but works off of less sleep - read a bit cranky around 10 a.m. (both E and mommy) Heath's alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and the AC also kicks on, so maybe one of those is waking him? I'm going to move the AC kick on back and lower the alarm volume to see... Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!


ASC said...

Oh, hang in there. It's funny how we start wondering if the most random things are waking our children...the smell of coffee? The paperboy? The dog four houses down??? Our E did this, but it eventually settled down a little. I don't get to 8 a.m. anymore, but 7:15 - 7:30 works ok for me ... just not 6 a.m.! It seems like they go through adjustments from time to time, then things settle down...I'm waiting for a settle down again around here...naps are a mess, as you know! :-)

ASC said...

By the way, E's first words EVERY DAY upon waking in the morning or from nap are "MILK, PLEASE!" We can relate!