June 21, 2008

The portrait of recovery...

Today was not as good of a day on the road to recovery for E. Stone. He felt so great on Thursday and Friday that maybe we overdid it a bit. Today, all he wanted to do was lounge, which was fine with a mommy. I took a quick photo to capture the lounging to prove that it actually happened - we don't see stillness around our house very often!

While E. Stone lounged and took in some Elmo episodes, I finished up my current read - Tom Cruise: The Unofficial Biography. Now I completely understand that this is a weird book to pick up, but the religion aspect intrigued me. I took a class at UTD long, long ago that discussed world religions. It filled a psychology or sociology requirement, not sure which, and fit my schedule so I chose it from the list. It turned out to be one of my favorite classes in my college career. Scientology, of course, was not studied in this class, but various other cults and religions were. I found it very intriguing that the majority of the world's religions revolve around one god and there are striking similarities - what in the world are we always fighting over?

All that said, I thought I should continue this education with a lesson in Scientology through the eyes of Tom Cruise, boy was I in for a wide awakening. Scientology bears no resemblance to any religion I have ever heard of. The entire philosophy is based on the writings of a major market science fiction author, who turned his wild fantasies into a "religion" to make money. Very interesting read if you have some spare time...

I also wanted to share some pics from a recent shower held by my mother's friends. This was my first shower ever and a lot of fun. Baby Holden is now fully clothed for the next few months!
Some little clothes for Baby Holden - since E. Stone was just shy of six months when he came home, we're not sure what to do with all these itty bitty things!

The gang, as my mom calls them, is a group of women who have been through quite a few years of friendship - some of them even went to high school together. Kelli, sitting next to me, is my mom's friend Pat's daughter-in-law. We had the shower together because she is due about a month before me and lives just right up the road. My mom and Pat grew up together.

E. Stone kept himself entertained through all of the womanfest with his sunshades - he was probably trying to ward off all of the kisses! He came home covered in lipstick!

Big thank you to all of the gang who made the shower happen. I had so much fun and it was nice to finally have this rite of passage!

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