July 07, 2008

Update to the update...

After much prayer and consideration, Heath and I have decided to look into the possibility of bringing E. Stone's biological brother into our home. There are still several ifs and we have a court date tomorrow morning to work through them all. I know this is a lot to take on, but we really feel that God is leading us, so have tentatively jumped into the ring.

Our doubts, as I'm sure are obvious, are mainly opening ourselves back up to the foster-to-adopt system, even more specifically opening ourselves up to the same family who caused so much harm to us in the past. Court tomorrow should serve to seal records and move forward with bio mom's parental termination - if these things are done, Heath and I have agreed to move forward and are excited about the possibility.

So, a couple of prayer requests for tomorrow and the time in-between. First and foremost for the little one involved in all of this. He's got a lot going on in his life and our utmost concern is keeping him safe. Second, for Heath and I as we explore possibilities. We are asking that God give us guidance on what is best for our family as a whole and that we not get caught up in the process.

So far, the biological family has no idea that we are a possibility to take this child. For the time being, they believe we have moved from our home to another city and we have had no contact with them since January of this year. It is of the utmost importance to us, for E's sake, that this remain in tact - we can't risk saving another child at the risk of endangering our son.

Again, we aren't sure on anything yet, but do know if the judge is able to make all of our demands happen that this little boy would be home with us soon. We ask for prayers, but also want to thank those of you who have helped us in the beginning stages to get everything ready and mentally prepare for what we're up against. I hope to have an update tomorrow after court, but it might be a bit longer process.

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jen said...

I admire you for opening your hearts to this possibility. We'll continue praying for y'all.