July 02, 2008

Lake House Fun with Those Dandy Dillards

We spent this past weekend down at the lake house with our neighbors the Dillards. What fun we had! It was a great, relaxing weekend. We played games while the kids slept and all got in some extra naps and reading - fun for the kids and mommies and daddies!

E. Stone really enjoyed entertaining their daughter Gabriella while she played in the Exersaucer - I thought it was very sweet!

Oliver and E. Stone made a huge game out of jumping off the jet ski with their daddies. They had the biggest smiles as they splashed and swam. I think E could have done it for hours!

Operation big boy bed is still going pretty smoothly. We've had some rough times and fallen asleep on the floor a couple of times, but have not reverted back to the crib, so are calling it a success. I still can't believe that my baby sleeps in a big boy bed, but I guess I will get used to it eventually!

Last night he slept through the night without a peep and woke at 7:15 happy and playing with his toys. I actually didn't even hear him wake up, I just heard the Elmo toy singing. This was the first night since his surgery that he's slept solid through the night and we were so glad to have it!

We're headed back down to the lake tomorrow to enjoy Fourth of July activities with both sets of grandparents. It's the only holiday that we all do together, so it's extra fun and exciting.


Uyen said...

Look at all that hair!! He's getting SO big. Love you guys!

Anna said...

I love that picture of Ethan in the water with Heath. That's a classic - the perfect picture of a happy child. Looks like E will be a great big brother for little Holden, soon. Have a great 4th!