September 29, 2009

Back to Nature

Do you ever start a day off wrong? Have a coke and peanuts for breakfast and then just continue on into the abyss of bad food? It's not a totally unique idea - there was a commercial recently based on this, but I can't remember the product. Kashi? Slim Fast? Regardless, I'm sure they are glad they spent millions on it and I can't think of what it was!

When we switched Stone to the GF/CF diet, I wholeheartedly entered into it with him. I've been watching what I intake as well, and, as a general rule, there aren't things that he can't have in our house. But lately, I've jumped off the bandwagon and I've noticed a big difference in the way I think and feel.

More than the gluten and casein, my body doesn't do well with processed sugars. It's something I've known for a long time, but often fail to remember when I'm in a weak point (hence the peanuts and coke example above).

I'm the same way with finances. We're a Dave Ramsey family, no credit cards, no debt except for our mortgage, but every once in a while I go bananas. I'll buy something big then think, what the hay, let's just keep it going. This practice makes no logical sense, but sometimes it does make me feel better, in the short run at least.

I had a conversation with a friend recently about diet, family and finances. Isn't if funny how the "old" way of doing things - cooking dinner at home and eating it as a family, moms staying home, less convenience foods (read less processed foods) and less debt - is coming back? Everyone is getting back to nature and I think our society will greatly benefit from this new trend.

Speaking of getting back to nature, my kids (along with everyone at Stone's birthday party) recently got back to nature by wading in the stream at the nature preserve. Cash even got SO back to nature that he drank the water... not something I would generally suggest, but to each his own.

I hope your family is able to find a happy, healthy balance. And, if you get derailed, just know it happens to all of us... I'm proof positive!


AJH said...

I do notice if I have a healthy breakfast that I tend to follow the GF plan better (our Ethan also needs it & I try to do it with him) but if I start the day off 'bad' my choices through the day are sure to follow! Shopping is the same for me!

Jody B. said...

Your Cash is a taster just like my Annalee... First she is all about the texture and has to "feel it out" then its in the mouth. I can totally see her lapping up water out of a creek lol.. I guess you can be thankful it wasn't the Trinity River!

Uyen said...

i love your pictures - all of them. they make me really happy and i something think i should print them off and plaster my work area with them b/c they make me so happy. your family is such a blessing to me. big hugs and kisses to all the boys and beckett.

ASC said...

Amen, sister! On the whole post...amen, amen, amen! Thanks for telling it like it is!

jen said...

I'm so with you on all of this! I feel so much better w/o all the junk in my diet (or house in terms of stuff), but then I go on "crazy" streaks and fall off the wagon a lot in short periods of time. Glad to see someone else does it also!

Jill Marlowe said...

Great blog and really GREAT pics! The party was really fun...we love something outside. We should have joined you in the creek to wash off all of the yummy frosting!