September 27, 2009

Late Birthday Celebration

Stone's official birthday is Sept. 2, but we celebrated the big day yesterday in full glory at a local park. Why? Because I'm nosey.

You see, Stone's new school (which is amazing, we love it!) is publicly funded, so the strict policies associated with our local public schools apply, even to the pre-school curriculum. This means that the teacher isn't allowed to tell us the names of the kids in the class. So, I sent eight invites for the little people in his class as a sneaky way to meet the parents.

Only one child from his class was able to make it, but I did get several RSVP e-mails from other parents, so we'll be able to set up play dates in the future. It's really hard to get intel from a three-year-old, so I had to mastermind some covert ops.We started the party playing on the park equipment at a nature preserve close to the house. Holden loved hanging with his Nanny and all the kids had a blast, and got really hot and sweaty, but they didn't seem to mind!Then, it was off to hunt for the cake. Someone had stolen it and our little band of investigators had to look for clues to find it using their binoculars.The clues were three large candles that Heath fashioned out of mailing tubes. See the girls modeling them on their heads?I think they see another one... everybody run!
After our short hike, the kids found the cake in a small clearing - Stone QUICKLY blew out his candles (hence the lack of photos of the birthday kid) and everyone worked on their cake face.

Holden had a bit of help from his Aunt B and Tyler, while Cash munched with Pop.

We had fun "seeing" everyone! Happy birthday big boy!

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