October 19, 2009

Jam Pack Jam

This weekend was totally jammed full of fun. We had a great birthday party Saturday morning and then rounded the day out with a trip to the Circus that afternoon. The boys had a blast and, considering it was our first stay-in-your-seat event, it went great!

We left the house Saturday morning at 9:30 for the party, went to a friends house for lunch, then all loaded up in the car to head to the circus (about an hour away.) All of the boys napped in the car, we had a great time at the circus, we stopped for dinner and returned home at 7:30 to throw the boys in bed. Whew!

The elephants were the main attraction on Saturday and we were able to convince Stone and Cash to stay in their seats, because you see, elephants are scared of little boys who aren't in their seats, so they won't come out if your bottom isn't in your seat. I know, it's a lesser known lie, ahem fact, but it worked like a charm! Holden had absolutely no problem staying in his seat, he was enthralled with all that the circus had to offer!

Saturday night, I went with a friend to learn to coupon. Let me tell you, I'm hooked! We did great and I'm happy to report that after another quick trip today, I am now the proud owner of:
- Two Starbucks Frappachino drinks
- Two Men's Sure sticks
- A 30 ct. box of Zantac
- Two jars of olives
-Two boxes of Rice Krispie Treats
- 9 rolls of Quilted Northern
- Two packs of Trident Gum
- Two bottles of Pert Plus

All purchased for the low, low price of NOTHING! I actually MADE money, $5 in register rewards to spend on my next purchases. Pretty cool, huh?

Since I just started couponing, I didn't have a good backlog of past fliers, so I did miss out on some good stuff - the biggest was a deal to get 4 cans of Ragu and 4 jars of Jiffy for less than a dollar total. I'm sad about that one, but Jill and Jennie assure me it will come back around.

I have a trip planned to CVS as well to purchase Halls throat drops, a Glade diffuser and make-up. I'm not sure my total because of the makeup (which should be close to nothing, but varies in price depending on your purchase), but do know that the diffuser and Halls will be free with my coupons. Jill and Jennie have this blog post to get you started on coupons. Check it out for yourself!

Finally, just because I had a great weekend and want to make your day special, this little post just might be a give-away in disguise. Any guesses as to what the title alludes to?

And, I promise, my next post will have photos - I know I've been slacking!


Anna said...

I will definitely check out the coupon blog post! Charlie and I are trying to figure out where we can save money to find out if there's a way for me to cut my hours at work. (Tricky because cutting my hours reduces pay, but still requires child care, which costs money!) So that's perfect timing.

WHile I have no idea what your title is alluding to... it made me think of making homemade jam... something I've been thinking about lately, but the whole sterilization of jars kind of terrifies me. I'm thinking apple butter would be good...

Those Dandy Dillards said...

I think I know what your blog title means... but only because I've played that game with you. So I don't know if that counts, but my guess is the game where you stuff the car full of luggage before time runs out!

Tammy Stone said...

Glad you all had a great weekend! I am sure the boys all loved the circus. Hope you and Heath and the three little guys have a great week!
Love ya'll!
Aunt Tammy

P.S. I am with Anna, I think you are talking about Jam or Jelly.

Luke, Kristen and Pierce said...

Ummm, not sure so I'll go with coupons for jam?

So impressed at your beginner couponing. I have always wanted to do this, but haven't the foggiest clue how!

ASC said...

Jam Pack Jam made me think of jamming things in closets and packing things to get them out of the way to get your floors re-done, but I know that is totally off base! :-)