November 09, 2009

Catch-up and Coupons (not to be confused with Katsup and Coupons)

I'm behind and I hate it. It seems everything snowballs when you're behind and that's right where I sit today. Well, there and amidst piles of coupons with dates henscratched on the top, but more about that later...

The boys and I had an amazing weekend visiting my parents in The Can (code name for my hometown). The weather was perfect and the boys spent the weekend pushing their new toy grocery carts around the cul-de-sac. My parent's house is amazing (mostly because my dad is a brilliant builder), so I'm missing perks like their shower. Three shower heads and a rain pan in one shower should be illegal, but I'm oh so glad it isn't!

We took pictures on my dad's camera, but I didn't download them to my computer, so I'll work on getting those for you. It's so cute seeing them having fun in the great outdoors!

Daddy spent the weekend at NASCAR, but also found time to grout some tile in our bathroom and clean the house. He's an amazing man! With all that, you would think that I wouldn't be behind, but e-mails, school PTA work and coupons stacked up, so here I sit. I hate being behind without motivation!

My couponing, thanks to Jill, Jennie and Amanda, is going great! And, I thought I would share some small insights with you. You guys asked, and I'm here for you! I did want to mention that our family is also looking into joining a CSA and as of very recently started getting farm fresh milk and eggs. These three things greatly add to the health of our family and while they are still thrifty, their most important value is their nutritional punch, which should never be overlooked.

Back to the coupons, I'm surrounded by circulars dating back to 10/18. I wish I had more, but that's my starting point. What I'm doing is called coupon stacking and there are a wealth of sites to learn from. I get my Walgreens and CVS lists here and here and find Kroger lists here. Target lists are printed here, but I will say that I don't have as much luck there, but it might just be me, and the fact that I love that store and tend to throw extra items in the cart.

Amanda plays The Grocery Game, which is a paid service. They offer several different stores and provide you with shopping lists. It's a great perk, but not absolutely necessary if you are starting bare bones. You are basically matching sales circulars with coupons, which you can do yourself, but help is always nice!

My goal every month is to feed my family on $50/week from the stores (this includes a buffer for the GFCF products), but does not include the CSA and farm fresh purchases. It means more time for me, but I have that, plus my kids love stores and I always find that they serve as great places to practice manners, colors, shapes, textures and patience.

I would love to promise a weekly post showing some of my good steals, but I'll just say that I will try to do posts like this frequently. After all, I'm already playing catch-up!


ASC said...

I signed up for the four week trial of grocery game today for Kroger....I'll let you know what I think of it! I'm trying to re-think my grocery shopping. Some of what I was doing was working ok, but I think I can do even better!!!

Anna said...

An admirable goal! Can't wait to hear how it goes. :)

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