January 11, 2010

Shirking responsiblity

I'm not one to shirk responsibility. If I say I'll do something, it's done. Even in the throws of mothering a newborn, an infant and a two-year-old, I fulfilled obligations. A couple were a tad late, but they were fulfilled none-the-less. But lately, I've been wanting to throw all of my outside obligations aside and start over. It's not that I don't enjoy them, it's that other things are more important and it is now crystal clear to me what I am called (yes, I used that word) to do.

Aside from bringing me an awesome amount of joy, my children and family are also my job, and I take that seriously. I want to be good at it, and I want to excel as I have in other responsibilities. I also want to be used, to be filled, to know the unsurpassed grace of fulfilling the mission that God has for me. But, I often feel that I've filled my life with "stuff" and there isn't enough time. I've really been thinking and reflecting on this, hence my lack of blogging.

When God built our family, he put us in a unique position. We have the privilege of sharing how reliance can lead to an even bigger plan than we knew existed. I learned the power of prayer and that God really does know the deepest places of my heart, sometimes even better than I do. This is a story I want to share, and I want to make the time.

My amazing friend, who happens to be in a high position in the multi-cultural center at a predominant university on our area, recently asked me to speak at a conference. She wants me to talk about the value of women like me, who choose to stay-at-home and be shepherds for their kids. I jumped, I'm excited, I know this is a step.

So, my challenge now is balancing it all, making sure I am putting myself in the right situations to minister, making sure I am actively seeking that role. It's not a New Year's resolution, it's a life goal and one that I'm dedicated to.

In the meantime, while I figure it all out, I've hired someone to clean the house. That's got to help, right? And that's one responsibility I'm more than happy to shirk!


jen said...

oh brit! how exciting. I would love to hear your "speech" on the importance of stay at home parents. Break a leg (b/c giving a speech is kind of like acting in a play and we all know that G and L word bring nothing but bad)

Mie said...

See...i told you were awesome and the totally coolest. I'm glad to hear this for you. I totally have the same type of calling, minus the stay-at-home mom piece. Which I guess is kind of big huh? LOL. No really, I'd stay at home by choice but I don't think that's "in the cards" so to speak. We'll see!

Jeff and Heather said...

Congratulations Brit! What an exciting opportunity and I can think of no one better to represent all the parents who chose to stay home with their children.

God Bless!

Tammy Stone said...

That is awesome Brit, you are an amazing person and mother. I would be honored to help you with the boys when you need it. You will be a great speaker!

Hugs and Kisses to Heath and the boys!
Aunt Tammy

Bennett Family said...

Wow!! How inspiring! This is a consant struggle for me. I thank God for his guidance in my life and putting me in ministry-- sometimes, though it takes close to all of my time. I never want it to be more of a priority than my precious family, but I fall short and let it take over at times, believing I'm trying to lead people to a growing relationship with God, and in so doing, back away from leading my family-- shame on me!!! However, I know God's strength and guidance will pull me back to the priority at hand-- which is my family, and keeping us centered around Him. Thanks for the reminder!!! Great work!

Anonymous said...

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