January 20, 2010

Some of the best friends a gal can have...

Sometimes, the best things in your life extend beyond family to friends. I am so blessed to have many friends that I count as family. Two of the best are sisters, Jennie and Jill.

You've heard me talk about them before, mostly in regards to coupons, but right now I ask that you listen to me talk about them on a bit more of a personal note. You see, not only are they great, wonderful and amazing (so totally true), but their family is as well. Right now, their dad is serving in Haiti and is in dire need of some supplies.

Can you help? Do you know someone who's going? I know one of the biggest needs is morphine, but being non-medical, I'm not sure the logistics of getting that there, or the best way to help. Here's the info from their blog:

I am writing today with an anxious heart and to ask a BIG favor for my father (who, by the way, is safe and sound after the huge aftershock this morning). Lots of you know him. For those who don’t, he is a Physician Assistant helping out with the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Only a few days into his month long trip, he has been working in a makeshift emergency room since Monday. He is doing operations and amputations for adults and children alike without the proper supplies including morphine or IVs. The people are suffering so much and the medical personnel are suffering as well. They are going without enough water and food just like the people they are trying to treat. My father has been able to call briefly and said the need is far greater than he could have ever imagined.


Our mission: we would like to find someone who is flying into Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic this week. My dad will be at the airport on Friday. If we can find someone who is willing to take an extra bag with them and deliver it to my dad at the airport it would mean the world to us. We would, of course, pay any additional baggage fees. We are located in Houston, Dallas and Minneapolis. If we could find someone flying from any of those locations we could get them a care package OR we could PayPal or wire money to someone who is going from another location so that they could purchase supplies.

Do you know anyone who is traveling to the region this week? Any help you can give is appreciated. This is a pic of Dad with some of the little ones at Christmas in Dallas.