January 29, 2010

The things people say...

We spent Wednesday evening in the ER with littlest after he suffered from his second febrile seizure. Heath was home alone with the boys when it happened, as I was on my way to my weekly Teen MOPS meeting at church.

Earlier in the day, I had bathed the boys and dressed them in matching PJs. I love matching PJS, they are cozy and comfy and heighten the cuteness of my already adorable children. I, on a sidenote, also love matching clothes, not only because they are super cute, but mostly because they make my children easy to find in a crowd. I consider their purchase a safety issue, making it much easier for me to fit the extra expense in our budget.

So, the boys were dressed all cute and snuggly headed to bed when sweet Holden had a seizure and Heath threw all of the boys in the car Britney Spears style (his words, not mine) to rush to the emergency room.

I arrived thirty minutes later to Holden in triage with my oldest boys sitting like angels in the chairs waiting for their brother to get help. Once Holden was stabilized, and the big boys were safely in the arms of our loving neighbors, the nurse started asking me questions about our cute pajama-clad boys.

Nurse: So, what is the worst thing that people constantly ask you about having triplets? Just so I don't ask...
Me: (as sweetly as I could, so as not to make her feel dumb, because she really was trying to be nice) Well, I don't have triplets, the boys are actually three, almost two and one.
Nurse: Oh, so that would be the dumbest thing I could say, huh?
Me: No, not by a long shot!
Nurse: So, what's the dumbest?
Me: (quoting others) Uh, you do know how birth control works, right?
Nurse: (clearly appauled) People actually say that? To your face?
Me: Oh, you'd be surprised...
Nurse: And you haven't ever hit them?

Ooohh, I like this lady!


Anonymous said...

Let us know what you find out on Monday.

JodyB said...

Hope your littlest is feeling ok... and the nurse...classic.

Anna said...

Sounds so stressful! We have friends whose daughter suffered from febrile siezures. She probably had 3-4 that I know of. She's two now, and I haven't heard anything about them in a while. Maybe he'll outgrow them, also? I'll pray for the little guy.

And Heath saying Britney Spears style? Priceless.

Jenna said...

alright you almost made me spit out my drink!

Tammy Stone said...

Give baby Holden my love. Those seizures are scary. Heath is an awesome Dad with those boys. I love you all very much!
Aunt Tammy

The Barreness said...

Hope he feels better soon!

And yeah, I get that too.. that and "I'm sorry, you have your hands full!" and "wow, you really went at it!" (seriously!)
I have an 8, 6, 5, and a 4 year old. lol! (all adopted as well, so I usually roll my eyes at that one once I walk away.)