February 27, 2010

Snacking and Learning

The good folks at Vocalpoint were kind enough to send me a coupon for a free box of Kellogg's Clever Kids fruit snacks. Since my kids are all currently working on letter and number recognition in each of our Tot School curriculum, I saw these snacks as a fun way to reinforce those skills.

My kids loved these fruit snacks.  They are typical fruit snack flavor, just new learning shapes.  We had fun playing games and spelling our names with the yummy bites, and the boys seemed to really be into it.  My only complaint?  These are fruit snacks.  They aren't healthy and they are full of corn syrup.  You can get the full nutritional information here.

So, these are great for an occasional learning tool, but if you have sugar-sensitive kids, you might think twice.

Thanks to Vocalpoint, you too can try these fun shapes on for size.  Click here for an exclusive coupon!


Paul and DeeDee said...

I got this in the mail today too! I am a little apprehensive because of the sugar as well but we will probably try them for a special treat:)

Stacy said...

They look cute, but we don't eat any artificial colors so we'll have to skip it. Too bad, because it would be a fun way to do math! :)