February 26, 2010

Cash's Big Bash

When a little boy as cute as this turns two, you have to throw a major shin-dig!  I mean, really, how could you not?

So went went all out - we had a circus!  Daddy even dressed like a clown and learned how to make balloon animals.  What a super daddy we have!

By the end of the party, Daddy pretty much rocked at his balloon creations.  Here's our neighbor Ava modeling the most elaborate of the evening, "white bunny in front of a sunset" hat.

One of Cash's absolute favorite things to do is sing and dance.  He loves his Tiny Tots and Tunes teacher and wakes up every morning asking if that day is a "Miss Hallwee" (Holly) day.  We are so thankful to Mrs. Holly for heading over to our house and leading us all in wonderful music.  It truly made Cash's birthday special!

The gluten-free treats were a big hit.  I tried really hard to make these snow pops, but instead we wound up with plain cake balls and cupcakes.  Still super yummy and a lot of fun!

Shh... don't tell anyone, but my birthday is up next.  What do you think they're planning for me?

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Tammy Stone said...

Looks like ya'll had a Blast!