February 23, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

This week, we focused  on getting into the groove of our new, new schedule (I'll tell you more about this soon), so Tot  School was a bit sporadic, but I didn't want to leave you hanging without a Tot School Tuesday post!

Because Stone has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is enrolled within our local public school system's PPCD program we have access to a parenting coach who has provided us with valuable tools and information to help our family work better.

Both Stone and Cash struggle with Apraxia, so visual cues have been a huge help in keeping certain behaviors in check.  We put photos of parents (just clipart I found through Word) onto our light switches and the buttons on our television, along with the doors.  These serve as a visual reminder that turning light switches and TVs on and off and opening doors, are "mommy/daddy" jobs in our house.

Another tool that I couldn't live without, and that our children have grown to love, are social stories and power cards.  I can't tell you how these two items (really variations of the same thing) have saved us and provided peace in our home.  I highly suggest you check out the two links and create stories of your own.

For our family, we have created:
- Potty Power Cards
- Car Seat social stories
- Going to the grocery social stories
- Playing well with others social stories
- Getting dressed social stories
- Eating (staying in our chair) social stories
- Using an inside voice social stories

The concepts and words behind these stories are now a part of our everyday vernacular.  Our kids know the stories, and I found that using snapshots of them and people they love help to keep and  maintain interest.  They are honestly now some of their favorite books!

I've gotten a bit behind in posting due to a bad bout of allergies but I have a lot of good stuff planned!  Please bear with me as I work to catch-up.  Coming soon:  the winner of the T-shirt give-away (comments have closed), info on our new schedule, photos from Cash's circus party, more matching PJs and new tips and tricks on how we make it all work!

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Anonymous said...

Brittney! I just think you're amazing! I work with kids daily, and also have two of my own, and I have to say I'm jealous of how put-together and easy you make it all look! :) Well done you!

--Jamie Johnson