April 07, 2010

Happy Easter!

My recent Tot School post hinted at some of the activities we did leading up to Easter, especially those that highlight the resurrection story.  We do, however, also celebrate the day with American-born traditions as well...egg hunts and lots of candy!

We spent the Saturday before Easter with Heath's family... here are the boys ready to have at their eggs!

They had fun hunting, but Stone had even more fun dumping his eggs out over and over.  I don't know why, but he thought this part of Easter egg hunting was hysterical!

After we picked up all of the eggs, Cash did some mowing... always a good way to check for hidden eggs.

Stone had to make a pit stop on the tree, several times to be exact.  Hey, when nature calls...

The boys ate their weight in candy and had a ball doing it!

After a quick picture with Nanny and Grandaddy, we headed in for some grub...

...the boys were all really sleepy, especially Holden.

We spent Sunday morning at our church, which was nice.  Many holidays we're traveling, but this year we were able to wake up in our own house and go to church.  What a treat!

After church, we headed down to my sister's new home where her neighborhood was hosting an egg hunt and parade.  Everyone had a blast!

Holden loves suckers, and was intent on having two in his hands at all times.  He'd reach the Tootsie Roll center and ask for another.  I'm not a big Tootsie Roll fan either...

All of that licking will make a boy tired, so he found a nice shady spot to rest.

All of Cash's mowing from Saturday came back to bite him.  We learned he's allergic to grass!  Poor baby!  We are finally getting back to normal with some strong medicine and lots of Hydrocortizone.

Since he's not allergic to grass, Stone laid in it and waited to be ticked by NiNi.  Super fun!

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BChambers said...

Awww, all the pictures are super cute! I'm so bummed that I didn't get to spend Easter with ya'll!! Hopefully I can make a trip out tomorrow to see the boys!!:) Love ya'll! -Aunt B