April 06, 2010

Tot School Tuesday

This week we had a blast studying bunnies and learning about Easter.  This is such a special time of year and we were so excited to instill some of the true stories of Easter in our kids, using Resurrection CookiesResurrection Eggs and the story from the Bible from our great Sprout Bible for kids.

The kids are really into puzzles, so I hid the puzzle pieces to their favorite puzzle in "bunny tails" and had them fish for them.  They loved it!

Analeigh got really into the cheering portion of bunny tails surprise puzzle box.  Such a cutie!

We made our bunnies fuzzy by pasting cotton balls onto bunny faces.  This was a great fine motor activity, but also turned into a great sensory activity!  Stone was a bit turned-off when the fuzz and glue stuck to his hands, but he plowed through and did great.

We practiced our bunny skills by bouncing at a local jump place.  It was so much fun to spend time with our new good buddy Clint, what a role model!

We dyed some eggs, or we dyed the sidewalk..either way, we had a ton of fun!

We're easing back into more scheduled Tot School time, so bear with us.  More printables and tools are heading your way... in the meantime, I have updated our Amazon shop in the left toolbar.

Easter pictures coming soon!  In the meantime, check out all of the fun that moms across the globe are having while teaching their kids valuable Tot School skills through play.  Just click here!

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